Size Information

CHARACTER Measurements



167 cm tall or shorter (5′-5″ tall) –> MEDIUM + (any additional measurements are optional)

168 cm to 183 cm (5′-6″ to 6′ tall) –> LARGE + (any additional measurements are optional) 

184 cm to 198 cm (6′ to 6′-6″ tall) –> X-LARGE + (any additional measurements are optional)


The characters you order will be made according to your specifications and instructions. If you would like us to make you a more customized order, please include all your specific measurements in the “Comments / Instrustions” section of the order by following the A-M HOW TO MEASURE guidelines we have above.

If after you review EACH STANDARD MEASUREMENT we have available from our CHARACTER MEASUREMENT CHART, (measurements A to E of the Medium /Large / X-Large options) you are satisfied, and those measurements A-E agree with your personal measurements, then you are free to leave the “Comments / Instructions” area blank or provide any other instructions you think might help us in making your character.


Your cost will be according to the 3 options we have available: Medium / Large / X-Large.

Example #1: If you are 187 cm (6′-2″) TALL and you place a order for a MEDIUM size character. We will not be able to process your order because your height is bigger than our Medium size character which is 167 cm (5′-6″). We will have to cancel your order and you will have to place a new one with your measurements and choose X-Large which is the size 187cm (6′-2″) corresponds to. Size Large is up to 183 cm (6 feet) tall and it will not fit you. Also if you choose X-Large but do not provide your specific measurements, our standard measurements from the CHARACTER MEASUREMENT CHART might be a little big on you. So, the best choice would be to place an order for X-Large and specify your measurements according to our HOW TO MEASURE guidelines above. You will not be charged any extra.

Example #2: If your height corresponds to our MEDIUM size, 183 cm (6 feet) tall MAXIMUM, but the rest of your measurements do not agree with all the other corresponding measurements A-E we have for our Medium size; you can include ALL your measurements A-M following our HOW TO MEASURE guidelines and include them in the “Comments / Instructions” section of the order before you Add to Chart. We will not charge you any extra!

If you still have any questions, please email us at