Custom Made Mascots

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Every day we receive multiple requests to make CUSTOM MADE characters.  We are glad to say we’ve had many happy clients and returning customers.  Whether you have a business and are looking to have a mascot represent you, an Artist looking to make your Cartoon Characters come to live, a Children’s book author, a Professional Entertainer or Performer…you have come to the right place!

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We custom make your mascot costumes for your specific needs!

Custom Order

In order to get started we will need all possible details you can provide.  If you have a design already made TERRIFIC!

Otherwise, your 1st step will be to make a color design artwork.

The 2nd step will be for you to visit our Size information page and provide all the measurements needed.

The 3rd step will be to compose an email where you include all the information we request for your custom order.  All orders are quoted depending on the design. Within a week or sooner we will respond to you with a SUPER QUOTE!  There is a considerable discount on all orders of 3 or more characters!

Once you place your order after providing all required information, rest assured that your satisfaction is our # 1 Priority!  We custom make your character to try to come as close as possible to your vision without leaving behind the importance of comfort!   For this, while working on your project, we keep in mind that the entertainer/performer wearing the character mascot can:

– Have good range of motion

– Is able to breath and see well

– Can stay in costume for at least 1 hour in passive mode (no intense physical activity).

This we do because we know what it’s like to be wearing a character mascot, particularly on very hot days.

Our team of creative designers is more than willing to cater to your job specifications to be able to produce what suits your business, church, school, or product promotional activities.  We will make your mascot costume to your specifications.  All we need is a drawing, photo or a color design artwork of what you want and we will give you an exact quote and time frame for completion of your project.

Keep in mind a terrific design is not the only thing to consider when making your design.  It is equally as important to make sure of the practicality, easy maintenance and that the person wearing it can see well, move well, and can maneuver the costume well.  All of these apply to any type of costume.

Give yourself time when making your design, do not rush!  Be very aware of all the things that can come up in the future when making your mascot design.  Another important thing to consider is how you will advertise with your mascot.  So pay attention to this when making your design so it can be applied to banners, objects, clothing, and even automobiles, trucks, etc.

Custom designed mascots should provide visibility and mobility whether it is an animal costume or a human style costume and remember custom designed costumes from are made to the highest quality!

Just because the seasons change, it doesn’t mean you have to change your custom made character costume.  If there is a Halloween party, a day at the beach, a Christmas Gathering to attend; don’t fret about the expense of replacing them for that one event….instead go straight for haute-couture.  Whatever the occasion we can have your promotional character dressed to impress and decked out in all the latest fashion! Just be prepared to invest in a walk-in wardrobe!

We are manufacturers of cartoon characters mascots, custom made characters, clown outfits, princess dresses for entertainers, parties, sporting events, parades, church organizations, store openings, schools, business/product promotion, corporations, and everything in between.  We offer the best and highest quality made to last and a seamless website for you to browse through and place an order!  We provide free shipping worldwide, and accept many major credit cards.  So, what are you waiting for? Come take a look and email us with any questions you might have!