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Welcome to Cheap Mascot Costumes for Sale! We offer all sort of cartoon, animal, human style character mascots at very affordable prices and specialize in high quality custom manufactured character costumes! (All mascot costume characters are generic costumes and are not affiliated, licensed or associated with any corporation or trademark.)


We are manufacturers of cartoon characters mascots, custom made characters, clown outfits, princess dresses for entertainers, parties, sporting events, parades, church organizations, store openings, schools, business/product promotion, corporations, and everything in between. We uniquely craft your character to try to come as close as possible to your vision without leaving behind the importance of comfort! We offer the best and highest quality made to last and a seamless website for you to browse through and place an order! We provide free shipping worldwide, and accept manymajor credit cards.


Here at CharacterMascotsForSale.com our focus is your fulfillment with an amazing cost! Quality is a priority for us and because of this; the more we know about YOUR character BEFORE DELIVERY, the more satisfied you will be. Along these lines you will know precisely what you will be getting. We try to make sure we grab your vision and live up to your expectations!


Allow us to make your mascot character costume come to life for use at parties or to market your business. We offer look-a-like cartoon mascot costumes; be sure to check out our selection of mascot character costumes. Don’t forget to visit our Clown Costumes selection and Princess Dresses.


CharacterMascotsForSale.com produces thousands of Mascots and Costumes every year for clients worldwide! We have been around since 2003 and have plenty of experience in the production of high quality character costumes and mascots. We truly understand that the importance of a good interpretation of the graphics or model equals a precise and appealing end product. We do have to mention that ALL CHARACTERS WILL NEVER BE EXACT!!! There will always be some minor differences, but we try to make this minimal. Vision, comfort, cleaning, mobility, balance, and ventilation are all aspects of importance to us when working on your order. Attention to all the finishing details is what we consider to make CharacterMascotsForSale.com a World Class costume making company!


All mascot costumes are special ordered for each customer upon request. They are considered special orders and cannot be canceled, returned or exchanged. So be sure to pay close attention to MEASUREMENTS by visiting our Size-Information page and rest assured that we will always be here to assist you with this and anything else you might need.


You can choose from our pre-made designs but PLEASE NOTE, not all character mascot costumes will look IDENTICAL to the pictures on our GALLERY. Or just send us artwork of what you want done (visit our Custom Made page for this) or use our pre-designed costumes and customize it with different colors, more accurate sizing or add accessories such as other clothing, hats, special shoes, etc…JUST LET US KNOW!


Characters bring LIFE to your birthday party, special event, grand openings, restaurants, schools, etc.; not to mention large profits. The beautiful thing about using characters is that you can hire someone to be in them and sometimes you may not even have to be at the event yourself! Mascot characters are also incredible attention grabbers and make your products or business noticed in large events such as sports events or arenas. You will profit so many times over by adding a character mascot!


A mascot is an investment and must be durable. The construction of the costume is vital to its durability. Our costumes usually last 6 to 8 years in regular weekly use but can last for a life time with good care! We give you a high quality durable mascot at a very affordable price! Character Mascots For Sale is your best source for comfortable, affordable, lightweight costumes!


CharacterMascotsForSale.com (previously CharacterMascostForSale.ws) is a PeruvianAmerican strategic partnership and a division of Fantastic-Pro Group E.I.R.L located in Lima, Peru.  We look forward to working with you and building your Mascot soon! Thank you visiting!